"Amazing!!! Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature!!! It was because of Rice county skywarn going live on Facebook that I got my family to the basement minutes before sirens were going off in faribault. I am Very thankful for those who run into the storm to help the people be notified (sirens) of what's happening around us. Thank you to those who do sound the warnings to give us as much time as possible to get to safety." -Chelsea Ingham

" far as I know even with all the destruction and devastation with this storm, no fatalities and no severe injuries were reported. The National Weather Service and Rice County Skywarn definitely saved lives last night!" -Joy Bussert

"Very knowledgeable and far more accurate than local news! Predicted the Sept 2018 tornadoes far ahead of time allowing us plenty of time to be prepared." -Patty Gergen

"Congrats on 10 years!!! Honestly you guys are better than any weather app or news station and I appreciate you all SO MUCH!! Keep being amazing 👌🏻💞" -Nomi Shake

"Congratulations on 10 years! We are grateful for Rice County Skywarn. We follow you for our local weather information. You are the best! Thanks!" -Linda Carver Rosenau

"Thank you for doing what you do! Rice County Skywarn has been our go-to source of weather info. Your advice/warnings are spot on and greatly appreciated!!" -Evelyn Stowe Brabec

"Thank you for the work you do to keep us apprised of local weather and road conditions. In the last six months alone you’ve provided essential information on tornadoes, blizzards, and floods. Keep up the good work!" -Stephanie Frey

"Thank you so much for the heads up! Knowing about the double test warning earlier in the day and the potential of weather can help us all prepare for ongoing cleanup purposes (thinking of those still cutting trees and with patched roofs) and for helping those who are still feeling the side effects of the emotions of the last storm who are more edgy than normal about weather. Your care and concern and the way you presented the information is greatly appreciated! Thanks for keeping us all up to date!" -Nikki Stai

"Thank you so much Rice County Skywarn! Not only do I absolutely LOVE this page but I very much appreciate your work. Might I also add that how you’ve handled this thread is impressive and oh so refreshing. Thank you!" -Nomi Shake

"Thank you Rice County Skywarn for keeping everyone updated throughout and after the storm! You all rock!" -Erin Marie

"I love that it’s for our county!" -Joan Crombie

"Thank you so much for your heads up on the storms and all the information following the storms!!" -Ann Hallet

"Thank you to the Rice County Skywarn Team, city & county warning systems for a job well done yesterday!!!! Even the phone company called with a warning call. Thoughts are with everyone that had damage!" -Linda Hutton

"Thanks for the early warnings! 911 reverse notifications and cable alerts were early for once and probably saved folks" -Terri Graves White

"Very helpful thru the entire old fashioned winter of 2019. AND, warnings posted ahead of time predicting very bad weather on September 20, 2018 were SPOT ON! Remember the tornado, terrible damage at our local airport and uprooted and torn down trees along 4th Ave and the south side of Faribault? I sure do!" -Constance Donahue

"This is a group of most dedicated, trained volunteers that keep up to date as well as very knowledgeable of electronic & computer technologies. Thanks much for your time & expertise." -Rick Rabeneck

"Unless you live in a concrete underground fortress, you need this site. These people are knowledgeable and always on the ball. Extremely valuable!" -Jim McKinnon, Jr.

"I don't have regular tv or cable or satellite. My viewing is only Netflix & Hulu. You are my only source for threatening & dangerous weather. Thank you for all that you do in keeping me safe & updated." -Marco Quinn